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Flower Delivery: Freshest Blooms Delivered to Your Home or Event

About Us

Piece and Pollen is a company created out of passion and appreciation for the simplistic beauty flowers provide as well as general happiness and well-being. We, Jenn Murphy and Dana Van Tassel, are Ridgewood residents who recently relocated back to town after living in London for several years. While abroad, our love of flowers and things alike blossomed and our goal is to bring a piece of that to you.

 We strongly believe flowers have a positive effect on one’s emotions and    

that flowers in their simplest form can create the most dramatic, classic and elegant look; therefore, we focus on an abundance of single blooms. 


At Piece and Pollen we guarantee freshness. We will deliver your blooms in natural packaging the same day we receive them from the international market.   Every week, you have the ability to receive a different bloom in an abudent quantity. 


At Piece and Pollen, we provide, arrange, and deliver the freshest blooms direct from the local and international flower markets to your event.


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Piece and Pollen

227 North Murray Avenue, Ridgewood, New Jersey 07450, United States

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We are always available via email, phone or appointment to discuss your upcoming flower request or event.

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